Singer-songwriters Greg Beattie and Victoria Blythe, along with instrumentalists Dave Decker, Sam Bevan and Mark Holzinger, combine voices and a half dozen acoustic instruments into original songs that are both fresh and timeless--from the roots of American traditional song forms to explorations of contemporary sounds. Their songs and performances have captured the prestigious Kerrville New Folk prize, grand prize in the West Coast Songwriters International song contest, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artists, the Napa Valley Emerging Songwriter award, West Coast Songwriter’s Association Song of the Year honors, and have appeared in TV shows and movies. Their songs have been recorded by other artists and on numerous compilations with such well known artists as Joan Baez, Cheryl Wheeler and Livingston Taylor. Their live show is a mix of Victoria’s soaring, ethereal vocals and hauntingly beautiful fiddle on pure folk ballads and sultry jazz-fusion torch songs, Greg’s energetic and insightful musical treatment of birth, death and everything in between, Dave’s constantly creative acoustic lead-guitar commentary,  Sam Bevan's virtuosic bass, and Mark Holzinger's blistering electric lead-guitar. Their most recent album, Green Girl, is the culmination of nearly 10 years of writing, performing and dreaming since their prior release--songs that are varied but genuine representations of the many roads they've travelled. A new CD project is currently in the works with a release date scheduled for spring of 2014.

Victoria Blythe - vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, recorder, harmonica

Greg Beattie - vocals, guitar, bass

Dave Decker - guitar, baritone guitar, bass, mandolin and vocals

Sam Bevan - Bass, Vocals

Sam Bevan has established himself as one of the most versatile and creative bassists in the Bar Area music scene. Sam is able to canvas a large musical landscape where jazz, funk, R&B, folk, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Venezuelan and West African disciplines joyously intermingle. He has worked with David Grisman, Joe Craven, Monk’s Music Trio, VNote Ensemble……

Mark Holzinger - Electric Guitar, Vocals

Guitarist Mark Holzinger’s style crosses many different genres including swing/jazz (Lost Weekend), Gypsy Jazz, and Americana (Pitchfork Trio). He’s played with Bobby McFerrin, Joe Williams, Ricki Lee Jones, Marvin Gaye……