Freight Gig this Fall, New Website, Vickie's new jazz/folk project

Hello all!  We've been busy boys and girls, and have several BIG things to mention.  First off, as you may have noticed if you are reading this, we just launched a whole new version of our website, which should be a lot easier to navigate, has more functionality, more pictures, embedded videos, a better store, and lots of little improvements. 

Second, we've added some new players to the band this year--the fabulous Sam Bevan (and sometimes the incredible Cindy Brown to accommodate Sam's fabulously busy schedule) on bass and the indescribably spectacular Mark Holzinger on electric guitar--giving us a whole lot of new colors to paint with, but depleting my toolbox of superlatives.  Seriously, we're loving the additional energy, and apparently audiences are too. 

Third, we've been booked to perform at the Freight & Salvage this fall with a couple of other local bands. This will be our first performance there in a long time, and the first in their gorgeous new theater, so we really hope to see many of our fans there.  Please save the date--November 1--and we'll send you the rest of the details a little closer to the event.

Fourth, for a couple of years, Vickie's been working (off and on) on a new band concept with Sam Bevan, John R. Burr and Mark Holzinger, and we've recorded what, with another three or four songs (easy) and a couple of paychecks (not so much), is going to be her first solo album.  Ok, I'm whistling, playing guitar and singing harmony every now and then, but this is all about her.  She'll be launching her website soon, and putting together an inaugural concert too.  To give everyone a taste, we've uploaded four of the songs to YouTube.  Check them out and let her know what you think:







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