Going South

Nobody ever said “Go South young man,” but we’re well past being young, and nobody can tell us what to do anymore. So we are going South (only literally, we hope), down to Las Cruces NM by way of Telluride, Boulder, Santa Fe and Truth or Consequences, with a little family R&R time in between. It’s times like this we are thankful for being a hybrid-- industrious suburban family by day and wandering gypsy minstrels by night--the minivan and the day job go a long way to making it possible for us to live our bohemian dream on the road. The tour is more a matter of happy accidents and coincidences than careful planning--Scott Doeser, a DJ with KBOO in Telluride CO, heard our music through his friend and our engineer/producer, John Jacob, and asked us to play there this summer. Then at the FARWest conference in November, Lee Herman from Las Cruces NM asked us to play at his house concert series this summer. Then my three best friends from law school suggested we all get together in Santa Fe for “The Big Chile”--a rehash of our circuitous routes to the present.--right smack in between Telluride and Las Cruces. I am often dense, but sometimes fate rings the bell of inevitability loud enough that even I hear it. So with a beginning, middle and end-point, the trip quickly took shape (after about two dozen press kits and even more obsequious emails and phone calls). Our preteen son and teenage daughter are going to be with us, which will add more than a touch of National Lampoonishness to the trip--we’ll be in Vegas for a day, doing whatever it is that stays there, stopping at Roswell to hunt for UFOs, and visiting America’s biggest bat cave. If we spot it, we’ll probably pull over for the world’s largest tinfoil ball, or a house made entirely out of cacti and bottle caps. Just before we leave (actually, after Vickie has left and on my way to the airport) Dave and I will be playing the SF Free Folk Festival at 3:00 Saturday the 12th.

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