Green Girl Almost Alive

It's been a long, hard winter--but as the earth spirits turn the hills a brilliant green, our third album, "Green Girl" is finally quickening as well. John Jacob has spent countless hours gathering top notch musicians (e.g., Tim Ellis--guitar, Sam Bevan--bass, Jim Norris--drums, Pete Grant--pedal steel, national guitar and dobro, and Joe Craven--nearly everything else, just for starters) coaxing good performances out of us and putting together exceptional acoustic mixes. He captured our voices with a microphone that he says can record a jet engine at close range with nearly zero distortion and Vickie's voice sounds as clear, warm and mature as it ever has (but Greg overloaded it once--go figure). We've put a couple samples on the site in their pre-mix, very-close-to-final versions--check out Green Girl, Peace of My Love and Bad Dog. We're excited and exhausted, and hope to have the album on the street in a few weeks.

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