Sarah Palin sings!

In the midst of the worst financial news in our lifetime, nasty politics and descent into winter weather, a few good things: It turns out that Sarah Palin is a godsend to comedy writers. She's a former beauty queen who hunts moose, named her sons Track and Trig, and thinks being within five hundred miles of Siberia is a qualification to be President, for God's sake (and she means that literally). Writing a political novelty song has never been easier, and we've got one--Sarah Palin's Form Letter. We've recorded and videotaped it with the help of Jim McVay and John Jacob behind the controls, my son Austin as her son Track, and Vickie as the cutest lumberjack you ever saw. We'll be releasing it on YouTube, MySpace and points beyond in the next week, and debuting the song at the SF Folk Club's Hootenanny for Obama (see our calendar for details). We've also learned recently that we've been selected for the premiere showcase at the FARWest folk alliance conference this month, and for the Florence Oregon Winter Folk Festival in January. I'm feeling better already . . .

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