Finally. It’s been 14 years of noisy coffee houses, noisier bars, stoned sound engineers, deep discussions, major interruptions, occasional flashes of brilliance, and a common dream that keeps fluttering in and out of our consciousness. And here we are, on the web at last. We hope you like the site, which we intend to update and improve regularly. The songs now displayed were mostly recorded in 1998 and 1999, and we’ve been doing a lot since, just not making recordings of it. But all that will change soon, as we are headed back into the studio with John Jacobs, a brilliantly talented engineer/producer, and hope to emerge by year end with a folk-oriented album of our best stuff of the past six or seven years. We have gained and lost a couple of fan bases over the years as we stepped into and out of, and into and out of, the spotlight. We are hoping to gain one again as we aim in earnest for a higher rung of whatever ladder this is that all of us musicians and writers and singers with day jobs are steadily climbing. Why now? A lot of things are pointing us in this direction. Our kids are old enough to hang out at shows and even sell CDs, our lives and those of dear friends have offered up plenty of raw material, and our set lists have been getting stronger year after year as we hack away at our lesser efforts with Darwinian ruthlessness. Recently, the world seems to be giving us a nudge to give it a shot--in the past three months, we’ve had one after another incident (the urging on of fans, gigs offered to us we used to only dream of, and the enthusiastic kindness of strangers at our shows) that suggest it’s a good time to once again cast our bread on the water. Thanks for visiting--we hope we’ll see you at a show or two down the road. Greg, Victoria and Dave

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