We're going to Falcon Ridge!

We got the news recently that we're among the fortunate few that have been selected out of over 500 applicants for the prestigious Emerging Artist Showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in upstate New York ( We are thrilled to be selected, and thrilled that we have enough frequent flyer miles to get us, the kids and the instruments there. The festival is July 24-26th, and we are uber-fortunate that Vickie's brother Matt is the minister of a wonderful church in Newtown, Connecticut, where we will be doing a benefit concert on Sunday the 26th and visiting with their charming family. I will always think of Falcon Ridge as the place where we lost one of the great songwriters of our time, Dave Carter (, just as his career was going meteoric. I had the great fortune to meet Dave and Tracy Grammer at Kerrville a few summers before, when we both won the New Folk competition. Dave's life and their wonderful music have been an inspiration to us ever since, to work hard at our craft, aspire to the greater things he showed us were possible in music, and appreciate every day as the gift that it is. Greg and Vickie

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