We've Been Selected for the Southwest Folk Alliance Showcase!

A little luck never hurts. The Folk Alliance organization puts on big regional conventions, and the centerpiece is their talent showcases, where a few performers are spotlighted in the main ballroom, prime time on Friday and Saturday night. Last month, we were registering for the Far West Folk Alliance Conference in Portland Oregon this November, and noticed that while their showcase slots were already full, the Southwest conference in Austin this October was still accepting applications. We sent in our application and never heard back. Today we happened to check their website to see who was going to be featured, and low and behold, there we were, booked for Saturday night. What we've realized over the years is that the folks at the venues who book bands are busy, and have access to lots and lots of bands. They aren't particularly concerned about any one band, cause there are a hundred more lined up to take their place. So if a band isn't looking out for itself, nobody else will. In this case, all's well that ends well. . . we're in, we found out about it in time to book a flight, and we're thrilled to be selected. Hope to see you in Austin!

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