Wonderful Week

We've had quite the two week stretch as a band. A week ago Saturday, we played for an hour on KALW in San Francisco, with JoAnn Mar interviewing us and the irrepressible Richard Rice between songs about the SF Folk Festival. As the KALW poster-children for the festival, we got some wonderful publicity and a chance to connect with the Bay Area's loyal folkies before the event. As a result, we ran into people over and over again at the festival telling us they heard us on the radio and made a point of coming to our show and buying our CDs. Hooray for Marconi! The next day, we had our CD release concert and fundraiser for South African AIDS prevention at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley. The church cleared over $6,300 for the cause and we and they were elated. We also sold a big pile of our new CDs, and had a great time playing to a terrific audience. Thanks again to John Jacob and Mark, the church's sound guy, for taming the big, bouncy sanctuary, to minister Pat de Jong for inviting us, Sam Bevan for adding his hot bass licks to everything, and to everyone who bought those tickets! The festival gig was at the end of a harrowing day--a 10 AM bat mitzvah for our dear friends the Hirsch's, a 12 noon luncheon at our house for a university women's club, a 4:00 wedding in the Oakland hills at which we played the processional, and a 5:40 show at the SF Folk Festival (just Greg and Vickie, with Dave on vacation). 'That made it all the more gratifying to meet so many people who said they really enjoyed our music. So now, after a little lunchtime outdoor gig at Redwood City tomorrow, it's on to the Kate Wolf Festival this weekend to hang out with the kids, do some campfire singing and let some other musicians do the hard work on stage. Hope to see you there! Greg and Vickie

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